Original 106 in Aberdeen ascribed their audience increases to giving cars away this week. John Myers wasn’t convinced. We listened in to the last outpost of the Original brand.

WHO   Martin Ingram

WHAT   Original 106 Aberdeen

WHEN   3 June 1303

Listened In is 2ZY’s regular air-check blog, where we listen to a random twenty minute sample of a station or programme in the news.



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Once in a Lifetime/Talking Heads

ID (Sweeper): Great Songs, Big Prizes, Win a Car from Lawrence of Kenny – Original 106

All the Young Dudes/Mott the Hoople

Back Anno. Swerves a One Direction request for Erin and Megan with a gag. “We were talking earlier on today about the song Waiting for a Star to Fall and was it in a movie, was it not in a movie? Neil G says ‘wasn’t it not in Three Men and a Baby or even Three Men and a Little Lady.’ I think it was on Three Men and a Baby. I always remember that film for being the one with a ghost in one of the frames.” (vocal hits). “Yeah.”

Drops of Jupiter/Train

“Callum’s been on saying Hey Martin, Congratulations for side-stepping that One Direction request. Good Work!”

Music Auto Hook Promo: Toto/Hold the Line & Republica/Ready to Go

Martin talks over. “Thank You Callum. Thought I’d got away with it. Music from Toto on the way. And Republica, Ready to Go. And, well, a whole bunch more besides.”

ID: Lunchtime with ITC Hydraulic Services Limited.

ADS: Paypal Here/ASDA/Dreams Store/SYOP/Green Lady Restaurant/Thistle Windows/Sports Promo with ‘ATR Marine Solutions – servicing the global energy sector with certified marine safety equipment’

ID: (sung) Original 106 (tag) Lunchtime with ITC Hydraulic Services Limited. Supporting the offshore, sub-sea and agricultural sectors.

Hand in My Pocket/Alanis Morissette

Hold the Line/Toto



“You might have seen that one being performed on BBC4 editions of Top of the Pops from 1979 recently. I never really realised that the members of Toto were kind of bloaty looking guys .. like it matters about the music. And Hold the Line from Toto is a fine, fine tune. Right stay there, more fine tunes coming up. And it’ll be Tom Petty, Freefalling on the way in just two minutes.”



Would you change your listening habits on the vague chance of obtaining a Ford Fiesta? Here’s twenty minutes of perfectly serviceable Jack-alike radio. The music’s right, Martin’s friendly and laid-back – if as bloaty as Toto in one link. In a world where the answer to numbing trivia like which film Waiting for a Star to Fall was in is about two clicks away on the phone in your pocket, is it really still strong link fodder? At the very least put us out of our misery and tell us definitively. With some kind of punchline into the vocal.

And the much-debated car competition is only on air in ‘The Full Scottish Breakfast” and “The Home Run” (What IS it with these 1982 programme names?!) so is it really responsible for longer hours and higher reach?

Reach graph from Media UK.com

Reach graph from Media UK.com


Surely it’s much more likely that more listeners, listening longer has been achieved on well-programmed music – I’m guessing by Martin, as he’s the PC –  and locally relevant content?

Meanwhile, Listened In’s campaign for elegantly written S&P continues. Two unusual business-to-business clients in this segment. But do real people, even those in the oil business, talk about ‘sectors’?!

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