MKFM, the much-supported Milton Keynes not-for-profit DAB station has just won a community FM licence with a thorough application promising “high presentation and production standards”. We have a listen to its existing service.

WHO Aimee Vivian and Unidentified Man


WHEN 1825, Tuesday 26 May.


Listened In is 2ZY’s regular air-check blog, where we listen to a random twenty minute sample of a station or programme in the news.

FourFiveSeconds/Rihanna ft Kanye West & Paul McCartney

ID: “They must know what this is all about” (film clip) + “MKFM” (sung)

White Noise Disclosure ft Aluna George

(Crunch and roll) Unidentified Male: Nice.

Aimee: Nice. You know what is also nice?

Male: What’s that?

Aimee: While I’m bopping along to this song. I really like .. this next song. We had it as our song of the day, remember, two weeks ago?

Male: Yes, yep.

Aimee: Galantis.

Galantis/Runaway (U & I)

Aimee: Galantis, Runaway U & I, love that so, so much. Errrrm yeah we’ve had a few comments about my embarrassing story which I shared before six o’clock.

Male: yeah.

Aimee: about the little bit of a nose issue that we’ll …

Male: Yep.

Aimee: Anyway, about that little issue, Amber has got in touch and said ‘“Aimee, that story is gross.” And that’s all she wrote. But on the other hand Jack said “I think these things happen and you shouldn’t be too worried about it.”

Male: “You should have just said you sneezed, rather than, like, oh look what you made me do. Aimee: Well it wasn’t really .. no. It was too.

Male: But you could have seen it and gone oh oh oh achoo. (fake laughs).

Aimee: Oh yeah, oh oh oh agh achoo. The good thing is that at least it wasn’t a man friend that I did it in front of. Because that would have been a bit worse, like, you can get away with certain things in front of your girls, can’t you, let’s be honest. Right, on the way, as you can hear me scrolling down, we have got some Naughty Boy, Iggy Azalea, and Jennifer Hudson, love that track so much, and Nicole Scherzinger, Boomerang is gonna play next.

ADS: Advertise on MKFM. Keep It Local MK package: Genius Consulting PR, Scottsdale Moneywise ‘providing first class services to individuals and companies’ who ‘will go to the extra mile’ (sic), Aspects (world-class) dentists.

ID: MKFM (sung)

Boomerang/Nicole Scherzinger

ID: Music Positioner. MKFM. Digital Radio

Trouble/Iggy Azalea ft Jennifer Hudson

ID: MKFM Digital Radio.

Naughty Boy/Lifted


It just won an FM licence on the strength of a beautifully-written application and strong local support. But I hope G O’Donnell of the MK Springers Gymnastics Club wasn’t listening this afternoon. They’re quoted in that application.

“The “local” commercial radio station content is banal, while the BBC has a tiny MK coverage.” 

Banal or not, I wonder if either Heart or BBC Three Counties reached the dizzy heights of talking about snot on Drivetime tonight? At least is was some Milton Keynes snot. I assume it’s a snot link. In the recap of a link in the previous hour that forms the only speech block in our customary twenty-minute listen, it’s hard to know. With some thought and some structure, this could have been a connecting bit of observation about doing embarrassing stuff in front of friends.

Elsewhere the music is OK CHR, the ads are in the cut-and-paste-off-the-client’s-website school of production, and the bloke is never identified. Nor is the station, by either presenter, although the imaging does the job OK.

MKFM’s new FM application promises a massive amount of live, non-voicetracked output (12 hours weekdays and 10 each weekend day) and a “daytime music to speech ratio (which) is on average 75:25, with more speech aired between 7am and 1pm and between 4pm and 7pm.” In this 20 minute listen, there were three minutes of speech (including a 1’40 ad break). That’s 85:15.

Of course, those application promises don’t need to materialise until the shiny new FM transmitter is switched on. By then MKFM have a lot of work to do in order to live up to such lofty ambition.

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