So long then, Yorkshire Radio. Born of Leeds United just after Ken Bates arrived, and closed four days after he left. We listened in to some of its final moments.

WHAT     Drive on Yorkshire Radio

WHO       Automated

WHEN     Tuesday 30 July 2013

Ken Bates. Unlikely DAB champion. (Pic: Reuters)

Ken Bates. Unlikely DAB champion. (Pic: Reuters)

Listened In is 2ZY’s weekly air-check blog. Every week we listen to a random twenty minute sample of a station or programme in the news.


November Rain/Guns n Roses

ID: Football, rugby, racing and cricket on Yorkshire’s sports station. This is Yorkshire Radio.

Baba O’Riley/The Who

ID: This is Yorkshire Radio

Thorn in my Side/Eurythmics

ID: This is Yorkshire Radio

Lights/Ellie Goulding

ID: Football, rugby, racing and cricket on Yorkshire’s sports station this is Yorkshire Radio.

How to Save a Life/Fray

ID: This this this is Yorkshire Radio.

Melody Calling/The Vaccines


“Why do 100,000 sports fans tune into Yorkshire Radio every week? This Summer, the sport never stops on Yorkshire’s sports station,” says the liner off the 1700 news, one hour before the station is due to closedown. (Yeah, OK I broke the Listened In rule of only listening to 20 minutes – just to see if they’d ever actually mention their impending demise.)

I wouldn’t say it was sudden but the station was tweeting @SimonPWalker22 “Sorry you didn’t win today … try again tomorrow,” earlier this morning. The clues were there, I guess. MXR’s wobbliness, Bates’s departure and Radio Leeds getting commentary back for the first time in years. Yorkshire Radio was pretty well-programmed, nicely targeted – but still failed to do much more than half a million hours, and a 0.5 share. Guessing this didn’t help either.

There some apposite song scheduling going on, showing some of the station’s undoubted brio. Cranberries, Linger out of the news. “Nothin’ lasts forever,” sing GnR. “In the End”, Linkin Park. Oh, and then there was Del Amitri. “Always the Last to Know.”

Of course, it’s sad when more radio jobs are lost. And when stations go silent for the last time.

But when it’s been done this speedily, and with no on-air mention before a final, simple, on-air announcement, why bother carrying on at all? “Oh, just turn the rack off on your way out, fellas.”

Sad for the team. Good luck, guys.



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