We smell of Kouros, promises (threatens?) Free Radio 80s’ Facebook page. We’ve already Listened In to Nation and Absolute’s 80s brands so this week we go for the hat-trick. Not that we smell of Kouros too or anything ..

Listened In is 2ZY’s air-check blog. Every week, we listen to a random 20 minute sample of a station or programme in the news.

WHO  Tim Disney

WHAT  Free Radio 80s

WHEN  11 September 2012


Human League/Mirror Man

LINK: Non stop 80s, it IS Free Radio 80s. Was reading in the Birmingham Mail, The Human League are coming to Woverhampton Civic Hall. Another anniversary tour, 35 years of Human League, then Madness in December. Very excited. Looking forward to seeing Human League in Wolverhampton. Cyndi Lauper on the way, after Rufus and Chaka Khan. Free Radio 80s.

Rufus & Chaka Khan/Ain’t Nobody


ID: Only the 80s. Free Radio 80s.

Cyndi Lauper/I Drove All Night

LINK: All 80s, All the time, it’s Free Radio 80s with Tim Disney. Music on the way from a man who’s making a comeback with his new single White Light, George Michael. Since he had pneumonia, he says he’s living in the moment, not in the past. Music from Wham on the way after the Police.

Police/Every Breath You Take


SWEEPER: Reliving the best years of your life .. We are Free Radio 80s.

Wham/Wake Me Up Before you Go Go


LINK: (over ramp) “It’s Tim Disney on the Drive Home where we also talk sport.” Then throws to the Goal Zone.



All eighties, all the time. Unless we’re doing football.

This was a good sweep of 80s tunes with nothing to frighten the horses. Tim Disney hopped over from FM to voice-track this with energy and interest.  Nice George Michael and Human League references stopped this being a ‘that was, this is, could have been recorded weeks ago’ bit of automation. The same automation that crashed a bit around the traffic, Wham running under the ramp. Loved the dry humour of a radio station celebrating the music of thirty years ago, warning against living in the past.

Songs from 81, 83 and 89 (x2), and very much in the Venn diagram between Full-Fat Free Radio and this AM/DAB alternative, in terms of tone.

Facebook needs a bit of work, and the whole station only gets a tab on the main Free website, but it’s certainly a more contemporary and complementary listen than Gold.

Where will the 80s turn up next?

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