So, Cornwall has a brand new radio station. Or rather, a DAB relay of Pirate with an added 5 podcast specialist shows. We tuned in to Pirate 2.

WHO:  Isha Pitt

WHAT:  The Health and Wellbeing Show on Pirate 2.

WHEN:  Tuesday 26 August, 1900

Listened In is 2ZY’s regular air-check blog, where we listen to a random twenty minute sample of a station or programme in the news.


MVO: The following programme contains commercially sponsored editorial, with content provided by the sponsors of the show. For further details, go to Pirate

ID: Bed only Regular Pirate FM jingle with ‘Pirate 2’ whisper at end.

VO: The Health and Wellbeing Show, brought to you by the Health and Wellbeing Innovation Centre.

“Hello and a welcome to the Health and Wellbeing Show on Pirate 2. My name’s Isha Pitt and on the show today, we have another segment from the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro. And this week we’r e looking at COPD. We find out exactly what that is by speaking to a range of guests and experts on that topic. We speak to consultant Dr John Myers (so that’s what he’s doing now). We also speak to Joe Barr who is a patient living with COPD. Pharmacist Jo Walkers talks to us about the current medications and the importance of them. And respiratory ward sister, Sarah Wannacot, talks about caring for patients who have needed to come into the hospital as a result of their COPD. So that’s to come very shortly. And also on the show this week, we speak to Ian Woodland, director of HBS Solutions, which is based at the Health and Wellbeing Innovation Centre in Treliske. Ian discusses what his very new business does in the world of corporate health and wellbeing. So all that coming up, but first let’s get this week’s health and wealth being news.”

ID: Instrumental jingle with a whisper again.

I’m Tristan Hunkin.

Ebola Nurse/Doctor Apologies/Parking Charges/MS Cannabis treatment/Choking children/Women think they look 5 years younger.

“Now, would you know what to do if your child was choking. Turns out only half of us feel confident about first aid. And that is only for minor injuries.” Cue clip of man at Red Cross (who provide first aid training, by coincidence) saying we should learn first aid.

ID: VO only. The Health and Wellbeing Show, brought to you by the Health and Wellbeing Innovation Centre.

PROMO: “As you’re listening to the Health and Wellbeing Show on Pirate 2, you’re probably thinking what can the Health and Wellbeing Show do for me? Or maybe you’re thinking, what can I do for my fellow listeners? If you offer a service or product that our listeners would love, get in touch with Pirate 2, and this airtime could be your airtime. Advertising on the Health and Wellbeing Show will only be offered to three businesses, each with their very own commercial break. This is a fantastic opportunity to be part of Cornwall’s newest radio station, advertising directly to Health & Wellbeing Show listeners on Pirate 2 on Digital Radio,, and via our iTunes podcast. Call the Pirate 2 sales team to find out how you can wow potential customers with an exclusive commercial break during the Health and Wellbeing Show on Pirate 2. Call 01209 314900 or get in touch via Pirate”

ID: VO only. The Health and Wellbeing Show, brought to you by the Health and Wellbeing Innovation Centre.

“To kick off today’s show, we head back over to Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro and get a bit of a feature piece on COPD.” Reads exactly the same intro to the guests she did at the top.

ID: (whoosh FX) The Health and Wellbeing Show – with Royal Cornwall Hospitals Direct. Health advice and news you can trust.


An old boss of mine once told me, witheringly, after I’d done a similar promo at the top of the show, “give me reasons to listen. Not reasons NOT to listen.” The matter of fact open – why do I need to know everyone’s names? – followed by the week’s health news. Or, old IRN clips from the week.

Tristan’s delivery is more arch than the Welland Viaduct. Then the promo to encourage us to advertise serves mainly as a reminder of how a medium so brilliant at persuading people to do something can actually achieve the opposite when copy as un-natural as this is thrown onto the air.

All of which is a shame, as clearly some good research has gone into getting good guests on the chosen subject of COPD (when we finally get to it). Trouble is, we then hear the interviews one after the other, with no treatment, colour, linking script, nothing. If these had been done as a discussion, or cut into a package, it would have been so much more engaging.

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