Was it only 5 Listened Ins ago we were checking out Signal’s Christmas station? It sure was. And now the DAB equivalent of the aisle in ASDA that struggles to define the word ‘seasonal’ between Easter and Hallowe’en is back.

Listened In is 2ZY’s regular air-check blog, where we listen to a random twenty minute sample of a station or programme in the news.

WHAT: Signal Summer

WHO: Jockless

WHEN: Tuesday 16 June. 1935.



Only Love Can Hurt Like This/Paloma Faith (May 14)

ID: Hot Hits. Hot Summer Hits. All Summer Long. Signal Summer.

Everywhere/Fleetwood Mac (April 88)

ID: Hot Hits. Hot Summer Hits. All Summer Long. Signal Summer.

Happy/Pharrell Williams (Dec 13)

ID: Non Stop Hot Summer Hits. This. This is Signal Summer.

Somebody That I Used To Know/Gotye (Jan 12)

ID: SU85 non-stop Signal Summer Days. So hot, it’s cool. Signal Summer.

Prayer in C/Lillywood & Robin Schulz (Sep 14)

ID: Signal. Summer. (whisper)

Sunny/Boney M (Mar 77)

ID: The sun shines out of your … radio. This is Signal Summer.

AD: Wayne Walker BBQ Pack/Dave Johnson on Signal 2 cross-promo/The Non Stop Weekday barbie with Wayne Walker.

ID: A radio station playing nothing but Summer Hits? Love Signal Summer.

Groovejet/Spiller (Aug 00)


Terry Underhill, Group Programme Director for UTV Media, told RadioToday: “These stations will become the soundtrack of the summer and will offer a non-stop feel good playlist of the most upbeat summer songs of all time. We are always looking for new ways to engage with our listeners and these stations are an excellent brand extension for us.”

So just what’s a Summer Hit? From this list, not necessarily a song that was a hit in the Summer. OK, note to self: try not to be so pedantic. Summer is a feel-good feeling, a vibe, warm memories. Yeah? So explain Gotye. Example lyric: “Now and then I think of all the times you screwed me over.” And it’s almost like someone had a ‘think of the least summery Paloma Faith recurrent you can think of’ side-bet going on.

Summer in Stoke.

Summer in Stoke.

One of radio’s great strengths is matching the mood of the moment. So I’m guessing Signals 1 and 2 sound summerier than usual right now. What this does is just provide a gold-er and spicier (Boney M!) version of Signal for two and a half months. But without any presenter craft or connection that could make that proposition cut through. Then they schedule a Dave Johnson clip promo – a brilliant communicator in this market – just to remind me what I’m missing on Signal 2.

(Wayne Walker for non-carnivores or those who don’t live in Stoke or Bolton is a Butchers Outlet. Not a DJ with a strangely 80s name.)

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