In abandoned IBA-spec studios at Bradford’s Forster Square, only the ghost of Dorothy Box can now be heard. The Pulse has a new digit and a new HQ. We Listened In.

WHO   Jim Coulson, standing in on breakfast.

WHAT   Pulse 1

WHEN   0817, Tuesday 29 July 2014


Bing the Robot

Bing the Robot

If I Go/Ella Eyre

Back Announce. “She’s gonna be at Total Access Live and you could be there for £15. This is Pulse 1 across West Yorkshire, Jim in for Danny and Rosie.” Weather. Random EDM bed starts. Anecdote about how on the way home from the station yesterday, he thought the car was broken. But it was just a boot full of rubbish he’s been meaning to take to the tip and has been in there so long, he’s forgotten about it. “If you run a garage, you could get a lot of money out of me. You could rip me off if you wanted to.”

Higher Love/Stevie Winwood

Back Announce. “Pulse 1 across West Yorkshire Jim in for Danny and Rosie. Sheridan Gibson in Halifax has spotted Bing the ropey looking robot in the wool shops and has won tickets to Bingley Music Live .. Coming up Jess Glynne, the pickiest woman in music, and news headlines.

AD: Kirklees College/MB Motor Group/Hanson & Hanson/Asda Opticians/Ikea

ID: Todays Best Mix Across West Yorkshire. Pulse 1.

Rather Be/Clean Bandit

Back Announce “on Pulse 1 across West Yorkshire. Tell you how you can save a bit of money this summer soon.”

NEWS: Migrant Benefits/Petrol Price Wars/Bake Off Back next week/Cricket/100m/City v Park Avenue.

Off news banter alert. “Do you wanna know something weird? John Lennon’s just followed the radio station on Twitter!” “How do you join Twitter from beyond the grave?,” asks news guy. “I’ll message and ask.”


ID: Todays best Mix across WY Pulse 1

That Don’t Impress Me Much/Shania Twain


I was looking forward to this, as I’d heard great things about Danny Mylo. But he wasn’t on. Call me old-fashioned, but if I was changing the name of my radio station and moving it, I’d probably make sure my breakfast guys weren’t on holiday. It’s still “The Pulse of West Yorkshire” on Facebook too.

Jim Coulson is standing in, and frankly sounds lonely. There’s no audio from the Bing robot promotion (where listeners have to approach a robot to get tickets to a big local music festival, Bingley Music Live. Good idea, a bit thrown away.)

Nor are we told (in this 20 minutes anyway) that big names like the Pet Shop Boys, Example, MNEK, Jess Glynne (and – imagine it’s 1996 – Shed Seven) are appearing there. There is time to do a mention of Ella Eyre appearing at the station’s own Total Access Live event though. Which is in Staffordshire.

The news headlines are hardly worth bothering with. Three ‘stories’. The IRN lead on migrants, the fact that the Great British Bake Off is back with its oldest and youngest contestants ever – and yet another Supermarket petrol price war, with a hastily ‘Leeds-based’ slipped in before the word ASDA to vaguely localise it, alongside the ‘Motorists in West Yorkshire …’ top line. Inexplicable given the not-bad range of stories on the station’s website.

We’ll check Danny out another time.



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