So, as Bauer’s City Two Greatest Hits network loses its breakfast host after weeks on air. Before the new guy starts, we listen into Nick Wright covering. How is localness being delivered to 45-64s in Lancashire on Rock FM 2?

Listened In is 2ZY’s regular air-check blog, where we listen to a random twenty minute sample of a station or programme in the news.

WHAT Rock FM 2

WHO Nick Jackson

WHEN Wednesday 18 February

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 08.51.20


We join mid-call from Janet, who’s talking about flared trousers and how according to Gok Wan and Phillip Schofield, they’re back in. There’s a casual bit of incestuous bantz. “Don’t tell ‘im who’s on between 7 and 10 will you?,” says Janet who’s clearly a bit of a P1. There’s some discussion of how Ray Rose’s flares would be the width of sails on a sailing ship. Tightly into song. No ID.

You to Me are Everything/The Real Thing

Speedlink into the break. “Nick Wright playing you the Greatest Hits, more of them after 8 o’clock, including Chris Rea and Abba.”

ADS: their dot co dot uk / Corsa / Boots Invisible Hearing Aids / Weightwatchers / Boundary Mill / Do More Online / Morissons Easter Eggs / Direct Line

ID: “This is Rock FM 2 with the latest news, next.”

AD: VW Caddy

ID: Home of the Greatest Hits on Digital Radio, on AM, online and on your smartphone – this is Rock FM 2 (suspense pause) News.

NEWS: Terror teen ‘from our region’ / Blackpool new policy to protect NHS workers following Vause murder / Devolution ‘to regions like Lancashire’  “Here’s the chair” / Big 6 Bills / Blackburn and Wigan football

There’s more news, sport and showbiz on the news pages of our website.

Weather ID & weather. “That’s your latest, I’m Rebecca Barrett.”

ID: This is Rock FM 2 – the Greatest Hits for Lancashire – (sing) Rock FM 2

Knowing Me Knowing You/Abba

ID: This is Rock FM 2 playing the Greatest Hits for Lancashire.

The Road to Hell/Chris Rea

Nick: “This is Rock FM 2”

Ba da da dee dah (Bauer Sonic Logo) into BED

Talks about how when you hear Chris Rea you want to be driving on the long open road, not in traffic on way to work. “There’s a few birthdays to mention …” Riffs around energy suppliers and how easy or not it is to switch, the 120-holidays-a-lifetime story. Bed replaced by Sam Smith intro. “I’ve got nothing booked yet – maybe I should book something like a weekend in Skegness or something ..”

Not the Only One/Sam Smith


So Rock FM 2 (a greatest hits station not on FM) IDs 6 times in 20 minutes, and carries two genuinely local pieces of content, both within news. (I don’t count the terror teen, who’s actually from Manchester. Do listeners distinguish between ‘Region’ (horrible BBC word) and their ‘actual’ locality like people in newsrooms?)

Nick’s one local ID is well-integrated. A dry “This is Rock FM 2” then the irrepressible Bauer sonic logo at the top of an acoustic bed gives separation before the live stuff.

He seems nice enough, from the programme rundown off 8 o’clock. Programme rundowns are for rundown programmes, but he riffs around some of the subjects with some verve to add some character and forward-promotion. It’s warm and slightly formless in that AM-y way. Even if some sounds straight off the prep; “early evidence from a competition probe, suggests.” is one of the phrases he uses.

There’s an unnamed woman on air with him during the earlier link. She’s inexplicably vanished after the news.

That’s a nice fat break into the 8. Two ads mention the words “Tees and Cees” which means nothing to anyone. I love how Boots Hearing Aids ad is set inexplicably against an instrumental break from Fergus Sings the Blues.

Online, Nick still appears at Drive in all the schedule pages with something called The Breakfast Show listed at 6am. You don’t say?!

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