Magic 105.4 had the best view of London this morning, live from the View at the Shard, 69 floors above the city, as Neil Fox kept on telling us.

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WHO   Neil Fox

WHAT  Magic 105.4

WHEN  30 January 2013


I’m a Believer/Monkees

Back Announce. “Coming up, Simon Hughes MP. This is his Manor.”

TRAFFIC: very tight read.

Back to Neil. “What a great view.” Chats about weather.

ID: “Magic Breakfast wth Neil Fox, Live from the top of the Shard.”

ADS: Weightwatchers/Greggs/Fishpools Furniture Store/Sainsburys/Shreddies

ID: Magic Breakfast with Neil Fox. Morning has broken with Nescafe Original. (“Morning!” says Neil in the gap) Magic 105.4 (sung).


La Isla Bonita/Madonna

Over intro: “Beautiful view this morning from 69 floors up. London, you are looking absolutely magnificent.” Then, slightly bizarrely, comes in before the middle eight. Lets the song bubble annoyingly at very low level for a big chunk of the interview.

“I guess, Simon Hughes, this is your manor. You been up before?” Yeah. loads of times, apparently. Hughes is effusive about the impact of the tower – and keen to underline his support for it, and that of local people. They chat about looking at the flats here, but not being able to afford them. Nice use of ‘flat’ rather than ‘apartment’. “Great view though”, counters Foxy. Simon talks about Guys and other local landmarks.

Hughes then takes credit for the space at the very top, which he says won’t be used commercially. He wanted the “place nearest to heaven and nearest to God to be availabile for quiet meetings and conferences,” which is an interesting line. The very last space – floor 95 they think. Neil’s DJ reflex takes over. “Got the perfect song to play there, Paradise by Coldplay.”

“It is a great view,” says Neil. “We saw the river illuminate as the sun came up. Takes on a whole new meaning when you see London at that time of day.”

“Good news is, you used to only be able to see it on a plane”, continues Hughes with Foxy’s thought, nicely crashing the vocal and trampling all over the song.



Neil tells us if we’d like to see the view, it opens on Friday morning. Throws ahead to Kristina Train’s live performance.

Simon Hughes is back. 12,000 jobs were created here, lots ‘for the general community’. Chat about the idea of doing his surgery here. And again, ‘there are some nice flats going under here’. Again, Hughes says he couldn’t afford them.


ADS: Thomsons/Cancer Research/Money Supermarket (also crashes vocal)/Belvita’s terrible News spoof ad/ ID:This is Magic 105.4, News Travel and Weather coming next/Lexus

ID: Online, on digital, and 105.4FM. This is Magic. Magic 105.4.

NEWS: OFT Fuel (clip)/ Squires Inquest (copy)/ Cameron in Algeria (copy)/ Police Recruitment (copy)/ Cowell Richlist (copy)/ More news at 8.30 – Brief traffic.


ID: Double donut with Foxy inhabiting every non-sung space. Magic Breakfast with Neil Fox. Thanks Verity, 69 floors up, Wednesday rush hour takes on a different view from here. Promos Jon Culshaw soon and Kristina Train again.

Chasing Cars/Snow Patrol


This was a great idea. The Shard opens on Friday, let’s do a show up it. But it also shows up the challenges of doing speech OBs in a music format. In this 20 minutes, we heard two songs brutally cut down in their prime. Odd, surely, on a station that usually really cares about the tunes. It’s a bit OB 1.01 too, not to have a guest mic up once you bring in a song, otherwise they WILL crash the vocal!

Surely no MP has ever had as much airtime on Magic before? Funny guest booking. Journalistically too, a VERY pro voice. I wouldn’t have expected to hear someone from Shard-cool English Heritage or Unesco for example, but the building is not universally applauded and just one challenging question to Hughes about it would have made his two on-air appearances seem a little less self-congratulatory.

The view is ‘great’. For a show that’s making it a focal point, maybe we could have heard more of it? Perhaps the team could have found some little details to describe, and brainstormed language and treatments to really bring them to life for the listener.

Bad webcam shot.

If you set up a webcam, do tell people not to stand in front of it.

At least there was a live webcam stream for those that needed visual stimulation. Not just a static shot of a few flight-cases and some laptops, too. Nicely branded window graphics and over Foxy’s shoulder, that ‘great view’ we’ve been hearing so much about.

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