Dee 106.3 (or ‘Dee on DAB’ as it’s now cleverly identing in splits on Muxco’s shiny new stick) has a newly expanded TSA. So how’s it sounding?

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Mike James

Mike James

WHO      Mike James

WHAT   Dee 106.3

WHEN   Monday 29 April 2013


And we tune in mid-competition. “Where is the Queensferry Hotel? How much money needs to be raised to give Amelia-Mae the treatment she needs? What is the date of the big fun day?,” are the questions we need to answer, and “If you land on line 3 today, you’ll be our lucky winner, and we’ll do that next.”

ID: Mid Mornings with Clear Sky Travel.

ADS: Dee dating/ Brothers Toyota/Wickes/Lampkin & Co

ID: Helping you through your workday, Mike James, Chester’s Dee 106.3

This is unusual. Talk off the break. Terry is the winner, but we don’t actually hear him. Gives answers and goes back to Becky ‘for more on Amelia Mae’s story’. Finishes with “Good luck with the fun day,” says Mike. “Chester the Cat is going to be there.”


Said It All/Take That

ID: Live from the city of Chester, your station, Dee 106.3

Stay out/Nina Nesbitt

“I like that. Nina Nesbitt.”

BED: “The What’s On Guide, with the Floral Pavilion. Don’t miss The 39 Steps ..”

“Do you like murder mystery things? Cos there’s one going on – at the Floral Pavilion New Brighton.” Quelle surprise. Sleeping Beauty on Ice. At Venue Cymru. (In May?!) “The Duck Race is back,” says Mike. “Is it a year gone already?” This is another fund-raiser. “A charity duck race. And not real ducks – we should point that out,” says Mike, seemingly seriously. Gives the contact Peter Hobson and gives his number, duly repeating it twice. There’s a contact number at Dee if we want more information about the events. And Paloma Faith is next.


ID: Mid Mornings sponsor tag

ADS: Sales on Dee 106.3/Stanton Fisher PPI/Cotswold Outdoor/Dublcheck Cleaning Franchises/Lookers Chester

ID: Your Station, Chester’s Dee 106.3

Upside Down/Paloma Faith

ID: Your Station. Dee 106.3

I count three fictional characters in this one.

I count three fictional characters in this one.


Well, this was reassuringly old-school. Guests talking about charity stuff in Mid Morning? Lucky line 3? Announcing web addresses with a “www” in front? Even their dating service only allows you to be a ‘Woman Seeking a Man’ or a ‘Man Seeking A Woman’. (I checked). Swap the songs for some Lou Bega and Boyzone and we’d be back in 1999.

With the massed ranks of Toby Anstis and Nick Snaith a couple of MHz away – and the lack of specific BBC Local competition in Chester, heart-warming charity plugs for ill children and local What’s Ons are a good USP for a late-era ILR needing to claw a space in the market. At 22% (38k weekly reach) it’s doing some of the best figures in its short life right now. Mike is warm and friendly but slightly distracted in this 20 minute listen. Even in such a short space of time, it would have been good to know a little more about him.

I know who Chester the Cat is, as I’ve seen the slightly bizarre pictures from the Muxco launch. But describing him as ‘Dee’s Mascot’ or something on the air may help new listeners (of which there are probably quite a few, now DAB is fired up) understand why you’re suddenly promoting the appearance of a cat at a fun day.

Branding is rightly very Chestery, although I was surprised to hear so little of the lovely TM branding on air. The spoken IDs are eminently forgettable. But not sure having a heart in your logo makes much sense any more, guys.

Pudsey, he ain't.

Pudsey, he ain’t.

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