Respectable audiences and a cabinet full of awards are not enough to keep your brand alive, it seems. So long, Kerrang Radio, (on actual transmitters anyway). Rather than the ‘turn it off today’ approach of TFM, the guys at Kerrang have a couple of weeks to play before they get Planet Rocked. We listened in.

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WHO     Matt Stocks

WHAT    Kerrang 105.2

WHEN   Tuesday 27 May 2013


Hives/Walk Idiot Walk

Back Anno. “I need to get some more coffee. You go in waves, don’t you, when you’re getting up early for the first time in a long time, which is definitely the first time in a long time for me today. Err, yes. So loads of people getting in touch with the show and trying to top Graham Norton’s lineup from his show on Saturday, of reuniting Fresh Prince Will Smith, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Carlton. And I can never remember the actor’s real name, just refer, but everybody does, anyway yeah, don’t they, just Carlton, so everyone’s just trying to say how can we top it, how can we go one better? Steve from Staffordshire suggests the Young Ones, the original cast of the Young Ones and Cliff Richard performing the Summer Holiday episode. Amazing. That would be good. And Lydia is saying the cast of Only Fools and Horses, doing the theme tune to that as well. So we do have a couple of British equivalents that could maybe go up against the trilogy of awesomeness that was the Fresh Prince cast on the Graham Norton show. I still don’t know if anything we’ve got could top that though, it was so so good. It’s on YouTube. It’s probably got a bazillion hits by now, but get online if you didn’t see Graham Norton’s show this weekend and type in Fresh Prince rap, and be amazed it’s so awesome.”

ID: Get the latest and get in touch. I got 90 friends on Facebook, 12 of them are pending, but I got 90 friends. or @kerrangradio on twitter. Kerrang Radio is everywhere that rocks.

ID: (Cheesy music) Very soon we will play some rock music. So stay where you are. Kerrang Radio.

ADS: The Big Wedding/Bespoke Offers/Skips/We Buy Any Car/Talk Talk Broadband and Phone/The Big Wedding

TRAVEL: Kerrang Radio Travel. “Right, let’s see if this goes better than last time. I’m going in. With the travel update for you.” (reads travel news) “There we go, that was a bit better than last time wasn’t it? You’ll have another travel update in an hour.”

AD: VW Commercial Vehicles

No ID off break. Just says “The Loaf” off break over intro.

Bat Out of Hell/Meatloaf

Back Anno. “It is Kerrang Radio. Tuesday morning with Matt Stocks in for Loz and Keith today. The time is half past 8 in the AM. I’m sure I said evening earlier on the show. It’s just like force of habit, used to being on air in the night time but here in the morning today. Yesterday was at Slam Dunk festival, caught up with many bands and indoor festivals are funny, cos you’re walking round the press area and you just bump into people. And I opened the door walking down a corridor and there’s a piano there being played by Liam from We Are The Ocean, so I switched my microphone on and this is what happens. Him just playing. I think he’d had a few whiskies at this point, celebrating a successful set.”

Then we get a lovely bit of piano jamming and a very intimate, impromptu two minute interview about the festival.

The Waiting Room/We Are the Ocean

Back Anno. Goes into part two of the interview with Liam “with a big beaming grin on his face from ear to ear and a few whiskies in his belly.”

Interview finishes with a bit of Young Heart, played to Matt in a corridor. “And this is how that song should sound ..”

Young Heart/We are the Ocean


I’m confused. Matt told me who he is once, but the website tells me “Keith” is now playing. Hate that.

But introductions out of the way, what did we get? A half-term swing jock, caterpillar breakfast show for the first few links which becomes a butterfly when we get to the festival. OK, so it’s a crap metaphor for a rock radio station (and my, isn’t THAT suddenly a crowded position) but this was a show of two halves.

Look at the rambly link into the break and travel. Lots of ‘everyones’ and back references to previous misdemeanours.

But clearly we’re working with someone who loves radio here because the stuff backstage at the festival is some of the best I heard all week. Strolling up to a big star (for Kerrang), half-cut and piano jamming is bang on the money and for that experience to be shared by the radio station is the kind of content that cements loyalty. Great use of language. And just long enough.

So to the FM graveyard, there’s a place for Kerrang alongside Victory, GB Radio, Abbey FM and the rest. I’m not the kind of person who wore a black armband when, say, Hereward, got Hearted, and business, after all, is business. But there was always something loveable about Kerrang. Its liners weren’t as witty as a Celador Jack, but less smug than Absolute. They put a dog on the air, and owned the end of the World.

There was real creativity. And they had a lot of fun. Good luck, guys.

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