If you ever hovered over a ghetto blaster ready to unlock PAUSE to record an out of break, if you ever carted up a whole set, or ever wrote a lyric like ‘Getting into Kettering on the A509’ you’re going to love Jinglemad Radio.

Listened In is 2ZY’s weekly air-check blog. Every week we listen to a random twenty minute sample of a station or programme in the news.

The logo of Jinglemad Radio
WHO    Automated
WHAT  Jinglemad Radio
WHEN  27 November 2012

CKZZ Montage/Reelworld: “Today’s Best Music Z95.3”
Seem to be a lot of samey transitions in this. Lovely Legal ID with a bit of Cameo/Word Up about it.

PJ Sissons tweets that he’s “frighteningly addicted”. Frighteningly is the word.

TM Shotgun/TM
‘The jingle that set the standard by which all other jingles are measured,’ says generic American jingle demo voiceover man.

A clever bit of continuity promotes ‘the latest jingle news on the way after
Sports/Travel/Weather together,’ before playing a nice montage of information beds. I’m a sucker for information beds.

Marcher Sport from when Marcher had a zillion brands on air.
Traffic News on Radio Aire. Muff Murfin right? You can tell from the fact the singers sound so ANGRY.
210 FM Weather. TM with Dave Arnold from when they switched on 102.9 and hired David Hamilton who famously played More Madonna. Less Mantovani.

PIPS! A ramp (An old Radio Stoke alfa, I think) , then Stuart Clarkson reads the latest jingle news with the same gravitas that can be heard when he reads on 5 live. Tonight’s top stories?

Holland’s 538 rebrands with Wise Buddah.
Reelworld is on air on Tindle.
Brandy Power Intros on air in the US.
New Music 4 website.

A lovely hour-open from JAM “Non stop jingles from MediaCityUK – Jingle Mad Radio. Powered by P2.”

Then, just like every hour, Jingle Mad Radio plays 66 jingles in a row.

I won’t list them all. But suffice to say, Jingle Mad Radio is good on its promises. This is a smorgasbord of jingles from all eras, stations and countries. Defunct brands like Severn Sound, Fortune 1458 and Medway FM rub shoulders with Z-100s, County Sound’s PAMS re-sings, even a full Moyles song from Music 4.


Clearly this is insane and brilliant. Like the best gags, Jinglemad Radio plays it straight, and doesn’t send up this crazy idea.

Real thought has gone into how to construct an hour of content from the anorak archives around the world, alongside new content and news from those crafting imaging today. A nice touch was a run out for the BBC Radio Lincolnshire package written by Chris Jones, who died this week.

Two unexpected benefits. Listening to the out-of-hour 66-in-a-row from Jingle Mad could make you realise you’re not as much of an anorak as you think. I could only identify about a third of the packages/jingle companies.

And if you’re working on your station imaging at the moment, listening for a few hours uncovers a host of inspiring ideas, lyrics, chord progressions or production treatments you could steal and re-heat for today’s audiences.

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