There’s an interesting debate being played out on at the moment. What started as a relatively grown-up discussion about Global turned around when Ian Beaumont posted “Just listen to my show tomorrow on The Source FM at 11am, I’ll show you how I do it every week, and how it should be done.” Now, Richard Park’s a busy man. We listened in, so he doesn’t have to.

Listened In is 2ZY’s weekly air-check blog. Every week we listen to a random twenty minute sample of a station or programme in the news.

WHO:   Ian Beaumont

WHAT:   The Source FM

WHEN:  Tuesday 5 February

Logo for Source

Somewhere there’s a blog waiting to be written about community radio station logos.

1119  The History of Apple Pie/See You

1121  “There we go, the History of Apple Pie, didnt know there was one. And that was See You, their latest track. Coming up to 21 past 11. Gonna take a look at the traffic and travel in a few minutes time and as i said, I’ve got a real classic country track from the Charlie Daniels Band, in seconds flat. ”

1121 PROMO: Val Baker’s Country Show. Includes the words how-doody and yee-ha.

ID: (Tony James dry VO) Ian Beaumont plays your favourite music

The Devil Went to Georgia/Charlie Daniels Band (includes ‘you sonofabitch’)

1125 BA. “OK, let’s check out the Traffic and Travel situation.” A frog in Ian’s throat seems to be the only problem. St Thomas Street at Penryn is closed though. “Looking quite good out there (gap) this morning. Bed fades. No station ID.

1126 Do you know the way to San Jose?/Dionne Warwick

1129 Very deliberate BA. “Let’s have a quick look at what’s happening around and about the area right now.” The Art Gallery has a new exhibition on 9th, apparently. Cinema listings at the poly. Tomorrow, Director Geoff Orlowskis documentary about global warming in the arctic. “That’s a really, really, interesting documentary,” enthuses Ian, who I am sure has seen it. “We’ll have more throughout the course of the programme”. And in Columbo mode, he throws in that Falmouth Town are playing St Austell in the South Western Peninsula League. “That should be a good match tonight.”

1130 If I said you had a Beautiful Body/Bellamy Brothers

ID: The Source FM. 96.1.

Golden Brown/The Stranglers


“The Stranglers, and Golden Brown, and before that you heard the Bellamy Brothers and If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against Me … It’s The Source FM, it’s er 24 minutes to twelve, I’m Ian Beaumont, hope you’re enjoying the music, we got – we – we got some more classic tracks coming up, we’ve got some Queen coming up in just a bit. (big breath) So, er… but er… first, I gotta play – I gotta play this again. He – he’s… he’s one of our local artists and he’s really, really good, I really like his stuff. This is Andrew Bellamy, and this track is called Ten Thousand Things.” (Verbatim from Media UK)

Andrew Bellamy (no relation to the Brothers, I’m guessing. And not just the next song in the database)/Ten Thousand Things.


Anyone who wants to be on the radio, seemingly now can be. Community Radio is flourishing – if by flourishing we mean giving thousands of people the chance to do just that, if not raising enough cash to stay on the air. Podcasters and Bedroom FM internet stations are another way to circumvent gate-keepers like the rest of us. And don’t get me wrong, I LOVE that.

But when someone posts, even after being politely challenged by the likes of Paul Easton that “No Paul, this is not my opinion on how it should be done. This is how everybody who I’ve read, describes it. Dan O’Day, Mike Powell, Robert McLeish, Gary Berkowitz, Steve Pulley, Robin Banks, they all write about how radio presentation should be done, and every single one of them, says the same things, albeit in different ways, but they are all saying the same thing, and it’s basically what I do,” they’re kind of in the greenhouse with a sack of rocks.

Ian. Stick at it. Yes, your music is eclectic and that could be exactly what the good people of Penmere and Ponsharden crave rather than Toby Anstis and Alicia Keys.

I’d work at your speech content. Bravo for attempting local information, but think about the order. I suspect your audience is more up for the Falmouth match than documentary films about icebergs, however well-intentioned. Bravo too for championing local music, a space now almost wholly owned by community stations and BBC Introducing.

Three things I’ve never liked: Traffic “and Travel”? To the audience, it’s all traffic. Or all travel. Some people think there’s little point to it at all. Especially in teeny markets. And why does everyone persist in calling songs, “tracks”? Especially in music-curation or oldies formats, a ‘song’ is a word full of memory and emotion. A track is a groove on an inanimate object. Classic is an over-used adjective, while we’re banging on.

But most of all, Ian, beware hollow promises. When your VO tells me ‘Ian Beaumont plays your favourite music’ and you DON’T play Zero 7, Eels and ABC, you’ve lied to me. And on a dial you share with Jon Humphreys, Evan Davis, Jeremy Vine, even Pam Spriggs, your web biog is on a sticky wicket suggesting you offer “informed opinion and commentary, that no other broadcaster does, even in talk radio.”

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