UPDATE (1700, 22/1/14): This is an edited version of a review that originally appeared as part of coverage of the row over local content on Heart Cornwall. After publication, we received an email from Rich Spencer at Heart pointing out that we had been listening to output from Devon, not the Cornwall service – due to technical issues with the online feed. (Maybe Ofcom had the same problem, arf arf.) The former version was also carried in today’s edition of Radio Today’s e-radio newsletter. So we’ve filleted our original review to make it relevant to the service we were actually listening to. We will review Heart Cornwall at a later date.

Listened In is 2ZY’s regular air-check blog. We listen to a random twenty minute sample of a station or programme in the news.

WHO   “Olivia” who appears to not have a surname.

WHAT   Heart Devon

WHEN   1702, Tuesday 21 January 2014

Burn/Ellie Goulding

PROMO: “We just paid out £10,000! (clip) Who’s on Heart – back tomorrow morning from 9.”

Moves Like Jagger/Maroon 5

ID: This is Heart. Heart.

Let Me Go/Gary Barlow

Crunch & Roll: “Quarter past 5, Heart Drivetime, I’m Olivia. The guy who broke my heart last year by announcing he finally had a girlfriend, Olly Murs, after REM on Heart.”

Choosing my Religion/REM

ID: More music variety. This is Heart.

Army of Two/Olly Murs

“More music variety, This is Heart and I’m Olivia. 22 minutes past 5. I told you yesterday, I just moved down to Devon and had to find somewhere to live ..” before going into an anecdote about cooking her first proper meal in her new flat. Summed up by “Induction pans are expensive” but took a bit longer to make the point. “ … Jessie J and Daft Punk next.”


Olivia’s personality link anchors her to Devon pretty clearly, even if rather than being a chance to cement some local credentials, she talks about being confused by her hob.

Nice voice, warm and slick.

(Oh and whoever posts local news online should have gone to Specsavers: “Police think a man who’s body was found at mine works is believed to have had a series cycling accident.” )

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