As Alpha Papa’s released, we listen in to Alan Partridge’s station namesake out of Stody.

WHO   Dick Hutchinson

WHAT   North Norfolk Radio

WHEN   7 August 2013

Listened In is 2ZY’s weekly air-check blog. Every week we listen to a random twenty minute sample of a station or programme in the news.


Walking on Broken Glass/Annie Lennox

Back Announce. “7.47 is the time.” Why do people digitally time check? Does anyone you know do it in real life? It’s like people who say ‘methinks’ and ‘Twas’. Anyway. Two tight traffic line about A148, and if you’re heading into Norwich, Sweet Briar Road’s bridge mains work is done. That’s on the main road into the city from the North Norfolk patch so nicely done. Solicits for calls for ‘Who’s on the Red Carpet’. Slick bit of production and a “Here’s what happened yesterday” clip. Seth in Fakenham didn’t win £420 by incorrectly guessing a mystery voice (groan) was Alice Cooper.

Liquid Lunch/Caro Emerald

“It’s North Norfolk Radio. The time is 7.51.” Quick listener mention about a traffic issue. Warm, local and tight link about  “Sheringham Carnival Day today including the parade and talent show. Battle of the Bands and the parade itself at 7. We’re there. Hopefully you can come and see us. We’re looking forward to that one. They’re assembling at 2.30 this afternoon, and the atmosphere building already.” (At 7.53?! OK.)

Sledgehammer/Peter Gabriel

“It is Peter Gabriel, the time 7.57. It is NNT. Lines are now closed then for Red Carpet. Playing for £430 very shortly and also soon we shall be talking again about  your teenage heartthrobs. And a whole host of them have been coming through. I’ll read out some of those a little later on. News though coming next at eight.

ID: North Norfolk Radio – (signature instrument: Glockenspiel).

ADS: Claws and Paws “for big pets, small pets and more.” Medium sized pets, perhaps?/Experience the timeless beauty of original oak structures” with ML Oak Buildings/”It’s coming up to 8 o’clock with Clayford & Abbs Nissan Dealer”

ID: Whoosh fx into another traffic read!

ID: Weather with Anglian Mowers. Reads weather ending with “At the moment at the Royal Cromer Golf Course it’s 14 degrees.”

ID: Just great songs and local news for North Norfolk. This is North Norfolk Radio.

“It’s 8 o’clock in the news centre, here’s Simon Fielding.”

NEWS: Body in UEA Lake/CPS ‘predatory’ row/Ex-offenders charity/Mattress Man trading standards row/Hoffman Cancer/”And the new Alan Partridge movie hits the big screen today. Some of Alpha Papa was filmed on Cromer Pier and Sheringham.” Clip of Steve Coogan.

ADS: Seat Leon

Coastal Waters Forecast.

RAMP: “Good morning, 7th august, It’s a Wednesday, half way through the week already and of course Sheringham Carnival parade day looking forward to that one, we’ll see you down there this evening if you can make it, a whole variety of events during the day as well, details on our website. Anyway, look, £430 in the Red Carpet jackpot, also talking about your teenage heart-throbs.”

ID: Breakfast .. with Dick! North Norfolk Radio.

When You’re Gone/Bryan Adams


Lots of local. Warmth and involvement. Although in 20 minutes, I’d have liked to have heard Dick talking to someone. Other then the clip of yesterday’s Mystery Voi-, err, Red Carpet, he sounded a bit lonely.

The cheeseometer is not helped by some of the commercial production. The ML Oak Buildings ad ends with ‘please feel free to discuss your ideas on 01263 861970.” What, ANY ideas?

The station production is a bit out of kilter with the sound too. It’s a deep scary-sounding FVO. A banging weather bed. Using ‘just’ in a positioner is interesting too. ‘Just great songs and local news for North Norfolk’ suggests all the other stuff isn’t important. And does that description really apply to a Caro Emerald non-hit?

As the journeymen broadcasters of the county jostle to suggest Alan Partridge was drawn from their real-life personas, it’s good to see Dick doing the business. Add some laughs and someone for him to talk to, maybe? Perhaps wheel across Sidekick Simon from your famous DAB service …

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