Referenced at the Nextradio conference, and the star of a Social Media session at the last Radio Festival, just how good is 102.3 NOW! Radio from Edmonton. We listened in.

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WHO Crash Carter & Mars MacDonald

WHAT The Crash and Mars Show

WHEN  1 October 2012

Crash and Mars

0826 Lifehouse/Hanging By A Moment

Back Announce. Girls are winning the ‘lowest man voice competition’. Brad on the South Side reckons Mars wins. “You guys are just croaking,” says Mars. “I am a woman with a man-voice.” They banter, each line getting deeper than the last. Pipes and vocal chords in the morning. Your voice kind of sucks. No it doesn’t Crash, you shut your pie hole.

“We have Rose hanging on here.” They chat to Rose. She does have an AMAZING voice. “Rose – you sound like Satan. How do you DO that?!” Hilarious caller. “Do you just use that for fun in the living room?” “I never found a Star Wars fan, says Rose. “That would get their light sabres turned on.”  Rose coaches Mars. Crash tries it. “You just sound constipated,” she reckons.

ID: Join the conversation. Now Radio.


ADS: Sobey’s Chicken. Wine and Beyond. Michael Hill Jewellers. Kings University College. Lifespan Treadmills. AMA Travel. Creekwood Chappelle development. Toyota 2012 Factory Event.


ID: Now, the Crash and Mars Show.

More riffing on low voice contest. All the guys sounded like cowboys. Gonna have more fun with the deepest voice in town before nine. Meantime, you can sample my deep pipes. Then into a 90” parody song. Crash featuring Loon Dogg/You and my Canoe based on Maroon 5/One Night, which they play straight after.

ID: Text Crash and Mars. Join the Conversation. Now Radio.

Back Announces “Adam Levene in Maroon 5 ripped off Crash,” reckons Mars.


Brief Traffic Read

ID: Join the conversation. Now Radio.

Still looking for the deepest voice. “A guy in the Guinness Book of Records just had the lowest voice. So low only elephants can hear it. So we’re looking for male or female deep pipes, this morning.”

“Line 5, wassup?” “Hello Baby.” “You kind of sound like Yogi Bear.” “Let’s do this one. How’s it going?” “How you doing?”, says a very deep voiced man. How high can you go? Well I dunno, says the guy, scaling a couple of octaves. “I feel I just spoke to three people,” reckons Mars.

ID: Join the conversation. Now Radio.

Carly Rae Jepson/Call Me Maybe


There’s certainly something in the way that the callers and texters are just part of the format here. Inviting them in isn’t a big deal, it’s just what the station does. And it certainly works. The station is the number one FM in Edmonton from a standing start a couple of years ago.

But this 20 minute sample didn’t sound that dissimilar to Morning Shows around the world. Lots of interactivity. A parody song.  Dominated by a single idea, admittedly an entertaining one. Whilst the website aggregated facebook and twitter feeds, these were absent from this particular sample on air.

This is an interesting example of how embracing the audience can drive word-of-mouth sampling to a music format, and where it has become a differentiator. It will be interesting to see if stations here go as far. Certainly, a speech station that purely curated and gathered the best from the wires, social media, and its audience could be a fascinating experiment …

“Keep those emails coming. It is for some reason, apparently vital that you do,” as David Mitchell says in his take on interaction, here.

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