It’s the station that took Ofcom to court – and won! The regulator listened for three days and found little evidence of the promised “key commitments to provide local student news and politics, promote debate and discussion, produce documentaries and include a varied music output,” and decided not to renew its licence. That decision was overturned in the High Court. We listened for 20 minutes. 

WHAT   Belfast’s Blast 106.4

WHO   Connor Coates

WHEN   Tuesday 15 July, 1411

Listened In is 2ZY’s regular air-check blog, where we listen to a random twenty minute sample of a station or programme in the news.

Blast logo

Lay Me Down/Avicci

ID: Blast 106

Summer/Calvin Harris

ID: (indecipherable) frequency – Blast 106

Dangerous Love/Fuse ODG ft Sean Paul

“Belfast’s Blast 106. Fuse ODG Sean Paul and that is Dangerous Love playing here on Belfast’s Most Music Station. 20 minutes after 2. Conor Coates with you today until 4 o’clock. Just came across a really, really nice story here on the internet now you girls yous are going to love this. A man has trekked across the Egyptian desert to claim a small piece of land in an attempt to fulfil his daughter’s wish to become a princess. How nice is this? He lives in Virginia. His daughter says she wanted him she wanted to become a princess and he thought he’d be good be his promise he made his seven year old daughter. While playing one day she stopped and posed and asked the question to her Dad, will I ever be a real princess? And he’s made it come true? How nice is that? I’m sure your Dads didn’t do that for you. My Dad certainly wouldn’t have trekked across the Egyptian desert and I also didn’t want to be princess either, so it doesn’t really matter, does it? On the way gonna be doing some Sigma, got some Kove and some Sam Smith in there for you as well and it all plays next.”

AD: Party Piglets/Washington Bar/Mikey’s New York Deli/Blast ID/Exclusive Designs Furniture/RAB/McCraggan’s Club

ID: This Frequency Is … Blast 106

Ridin’ Solo/Jason Derulo

ID: This is Belfast’s Blast 106

Nobody to Love/Sigma

ID: Are you ready for this? Blast 106

Way We Are/Kove


“We pride ourselves on being focused on students,” says the website. No evidence of that from this 20 minute listen, unless you want to hire a boozy limo from Party Piglets.

There’s a busy break, and the music’s ok  – but the one link in 20 minutes is a join-the-dots internet read with no relevance. Or punch line.

And why do so many jocks on so many stations persist in telling me when they’re going off?! “With you until 4 ..” Yeah, make it sound like you’re counting the minutes.

So let’s hear it for Blast’s solicitors. Is this a first? A radio regulator not renewing, then being forced to reconsider? DevonAir, and a former incarnation of LBC may have chuntered about judicial review but both ended up off air. But reading between the lines, it looks like Blast really has to meet those heavyweight licence commitments if it’s going to last another five years.

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