2ZY has been to the Edinburgh Fringe this week. So what better time to sample Forth One’s breakfast offer, Boogie in the Morning?

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Boogie in the Morning Cab

WHO  Boogie in the Morning, with Andrew ‘Boogie’ Bouglas, ‘Dingo’ Dave Konov (guess where he’s from) and Arlene Stuart

WHAT  Forth One

WHEN  7 August 2012

0839 Good bit re the Olympics. “Remember when there used to be other stuff on the telly?”, starts Boogie. Talks about how well the  BBC is doing before launching into what to look out for today. Chris Hoy in the Keirin. What’s that? It’s a bike thing! Victoria Pendleton in the Sprint. Laura Trott in Omnium. It’s like a sprinting eliminator … Then Dingo describes Keirin, suspiciously well. “Are you reading that?” asks Arlene. “No, Not reading that off Google at all …,” he answers.

Mention the favourites to win Triathlon and Dressage. Boogie pronounces it wrong – dressidge – just to wind up Arlene, who eats the bait. They talk about the 71 year old Chinese competitor. That’s controlling the horse, while trying to hide it. “Why hide it?”, asks the Aussie, playing up to his wise guy casting.

“Did anyone else watch the women’s shot putt?” continues Boogie, who seems to set up all the lines for Dave. “It was the women, right?” says dingo. “Clean palm, dirty chin.” says Boog. Dave again: “They know how to breed ’em strong in Belarus.” But hey. “She has a gold, we have nae,” and straight into …

0842 Pink/Blow Me (One Last Kiss)

0845 BA, time and date check, forward promote Sam Jackson “filling in for” Grant Stott. “Well done to Scott Brash in Borders. Won Olympic Gold for Equestrian team. One of his mates has just been on phone.” Arlene clearly watched it, and adds some good colour. Another gag set-up from Dingo. ” You seen the size of those fences?”. “Yeah. That’s the point.” says Boogie.

0846 ADS: RBS mobile phone app, “that keeps your life flowing as smoothly s the River Forth,” Camereon Toll Shopping Centre, Persil’s REALLY annoying kids band.
ID: Across Edinburgh, the Lothians and Fife, this is Forth One
AD: Money supermarket (Whoever decides a Brian Blessed VO is ever anything other than wrong?)

TRAVEL: Strong localness: Forth Bridge, M9, Bypass and M8, Dalkeith Road, Blackhall, Craigleith, Blackford Avenue in the Southside. Esselemont Road, all mentioned. Tagged “With Western Alfa Romeo”. ID: Forth One segues neatly into ..

0850 James Blunt/Wise Men

0852 Back anno. So “UHI, Arlene, what does that mean?” asks Boogie. “University of the Highlands and Islands! Easy!” says Dingo, and he’s right. Googled it. “Scotland’s newest Uni is going places and Forth 1 blah blah blah” as Boogie handbrake turns into a sponsor read. “Get advice and information from the Uni’s mobile campus, near the Omni centre today.” Forth 1’s street team are giving away iPads. I heart UHI with Forth One. “Where is it? Inverness?” the gang wonder. “It’s based all over the place,” says Boogie. “I heart UHI LOL ROFL,” says Boogie. “Google UHI” says Boog and let us know after …

0854 Jessie J/Price Tag

0857 So Arlene has googled UHI. And yeah, it’s based all over. “Learning centres over 13 colleges.” Some banter over whether the plural of campus is campuses or campi.

Boogie forward promotes. “Coming up, how you can take part in a penalty shoot out, head to head with Dingo.”

ADS: Peoples Postcode Lottery Event at National Gallery, Post Office Travel Money (which uses the wonderful line ‘in branch.’ Like anyone says that in real life. Then an ad for the new Alfa Julietta. Find your local dealer at alfa.co.uk. Think if I was sponsoring the travel, I’d want that pointer to be to my dealership? And there’s a new bin collection calendar is coming soon, says city of Edinburgh council.


There’s definite ease in  the banter here, as you’d expect for an established team. For a show that appears to be an ensemble, the branding could be simpler. The show is simply Boogie in the Morning; the taxi ad features Boogie and Arlene; but Dingo gets the lion’s share of the punchlines!

Some really nice Olympics stuff, really catching the mood of the morning after the week’s gold rush. They chased the end of both James Blunt and Jessie J, talking well before the natural end. Maybe the clock needs some work? But the UHI promo read had a great subversion about it – chatting around the campus location issue, having a laugh round the acronym – which made it sit better than it might have around the rest of the show.

Some good localness in the ads, the traffic and in the Olympic pride, but surprising maybe not to hear a single reference to the Fringe and Festival – although to be fair, Forth appear to be all over it elsewhere, with live shows and joint branding around the Gilded Balloon.


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