Two Jacks had a row. One changed his name to Bob. Here’s what happened when we listened in.

WHAT   Bob FM Hertfordshire

WHEN   Monday 17 March, 2043

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Listened In is 2ZY’s regular air-check blog, where we listen to a random twenty minute sample of a station or programme in the news.

Fall At Your Feet/Crowded House

ID: “Oh .. (withering) – it’s Bob.”

Wuthering Heights/Kate Bush

‘Bobalong’ (What’s On): Graham Mack voiced-up event for Magic of Play appeal at Lister Hospital.

It’s Going Down/Midlake

ID “At Bob we like to wigout big style. And no, that doesn’t mean we wear a toupee.”

All She Wants To Do Is Dance/Don Henley

ID: “Want to advertise on this lovely radio station? Call the sales team for details. Because it costs less than you think.”

ADS: Moss & Hall Engineering, Walton Homes, Marshall’s Volvo, Westcote Care Advisory Services, HRC Degrees, GJW Titmuss Horse Supplies

NEWS IN: Across Hertfordshire on FM, DAB, on your mobile and online this is Bob. FM


Bob FM Weather ‘with the met office’ voiced up. Sponsor tag: Bob FM Weather with North Herts College

ID: “Turn your knob to Bob. It’s as easy as taking candy from a baby. Or 3 points from Man Utd.”

Get It On/T Rex


Well that started OK. The name might have changed but there was nothing new about the music going on here. Crowded House is archetypal Jack. Clever, guitar-y, under-played. Kate Bush was a (nice) surprise, and the kind of shufflesque curve ball the boy-name formats deliver.

Then the wheels fall off. Midlake are a millennial Texan version of Mumford and Sons. Beloved beards of  6Music, but file under ‘trying too hard’ for a Jackalike. You could get away with that if there were bankers either side, but a Don Henley non-hit (a non-hit here anyway?). This was spicier than Mel B wearing Old Spice making a Vindaloo.

Milake, wondering why they're here.

Milake, wondering why they’re here.


Good to hear Graham from Breakfast voicing the Jactivi- Bobalongs. Less impressive were the Jack-like liners. The Manchester United one was a good topical, but the rest were forgettable.

Poor little Hertbeat. Its first name, extinguished when Global came to town, and its second face, forcibly removed by its franchisor. Let’s hope it’s third time lucky for 106.7/9.

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