So after Radio Today told us about Lisa Stansfield and her intimate gig in Boston … Lincolnshire, we had to snoop Lincs FM to find out how it went.

WHO  Alex Stevens

WHAT  Lincs FM

WHEN  2047,  1 October 2013

Lisa blooming Stansfield is back!

Lisa blooming Stansfield is back!

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ADS: Fiat 500 from Stoneacre. Nice 1997 sung client name jingle. And 12” of credit Ts&Cs. / Terrible ASDA Pharmacy flu jab ad.

ID: Random 9” empty ramp .. Lincs FM

Love Me Again/John Newman

“The brilliant John Newman with Love Me Again. The voice of an angel, in my eyes. A voice like velvet. This is Alex. Hello, good evening. Now loads of you on Twitter right now @lincsfm on the way home from the Blackfriars Arts Centre in Boston after another one of our Up Close and Personal gigs all thanks to our friends at Boston College.

Tonight it was with Lisa Stansfield. And yet again, I’m back in the situation where I’m always on the evening show when we do these gigs and I kind of wonder if there’s maybe some sort of conspiracy against me. Anyway! John Marshall caught up with Lisa Stansfield after the gig.

“It’s all over Lisa. We are backstage, the gig has just finished in Boston,” opens John. “It’s all over bar the shouting,” replies Lisa. “Isn’nit? Let’s shout!,” says John and cries out. Yes, really. The interview covers the intimacy of the gig (John responds to the word ‘intimate’ like a horny 15 year old Nuts reader. “We love intimate things, don’t we Lisa?” and chortles.)

Lisa says she’s scared about her forthcoming album. “Do you like keeping busy?” asks John of an artist who’s been away for ten years. Lisa reveals her husband’s auntie used to have a ‘clothing emporium’ in Grantham, called Hills. Which is the kind of gem you always get when you listen to Lincs FM.

Can’t Dance/Lisa Stansfield

“She played Boston this evening as part of one of our Up Close and Personal gigs with Boston College, there’s Lisa Stansfield with her brilliant new single, love that, it’s called Can’t Dance from Lincs FM. Lots of people on Twitter, and emails and texts and all sorts of stuff this evening saying they loved it.”

“Evening, this is Alex. The Mystery Voice returns with Sam Kirk in the morning when you wake up and it will be worth £410 tomorrow. Who do you think this is? (clip) Now I know a lot of people have been calling up and giving answers that have already been guessed. Remember to check out the website for the wrong answers at The Mystery Voice with Mondays Estate Agents, back tomorrow morning at twenty to nine, we play it three times a day.

Hear the voice as many times as you like at our website, and while you’re on there, click on the Win page. Lots of great prizes up for grabs to online viewers only. I mean this week we’ve teamed up with the Bailgate Wedding Fair. Check it out this week and every week in fact. Bookmark it, why don’t you? The latest news for nine is next. After then Ed Sheeran sings about Lego, and the new song from Lawson to play too.”

ADS: Breakfast One to Watch Music Sponsor Tag/Moncaster Wire Products Charity Open Day/Lincs FM dry ID/Diane Genders/John Darke Volvo “When you’re a Volvo owner, and you live in the Louth area, you know all is well …”/Evening Show sponsor ID

NEWS ID: Across Lincolnshire and Newark, on FM, mobile and online. The Difference is the Music. This is Lincs FM.

A breathless bulletin from Sky followed by a local tag. How wonderfully 1983. A little bed bubbles under the end of IRN. Well, drowns him out, actually. Before un-named female newsreader says ‘“In the Lincs FM region; a senior NE Lincolnshire councillor’s been found not guilty of committing a sex act. Former Conservative leader Keith Brooks was arrested for outraging public decency after sunbathing naked in his garden.” Onto a bookies robbery and the local teachers strike. “And that’s the latest.”

Alex reads the weather. There’s another weather sponsor tag off the back. And another nasty client jingle. Then a Lincs FM jingle. Then a sponsor tag for the show.



There are certainly things to be applauded here. Adding value to the listening experience by offering a ‘money can’t buy’ gig. Even better, doing some content there. Local and live in the evening. Jeez, even local news at 2100. (Although just how ‘latest’ it is when it sounds like a pre-rec is slightly moot.) Alex is enthusiastic enough – although I know nothing about him after 20 minutes with him. Including his surname.

So 10/10 for effort. It’s just the whole thing felt so … artless?

First off, they fritter away a Lisa Stansfield interview with some sub-Partridge stuff, when actually, Lisa Stansfield is doing some really interesting interviews right now. Here’s one, third down when you Google her. And how good would it have been to do a tight phone call to one of the listeners who’d been to the gig?

There is SO. MUCH. CLUTTER! We go 7 minutes between Lisa Stansfield and Cher because there are so many mindless reads to squeeze in. Look at all that stuff around the Mystery Voice. (Yes, and no attempt to sex up radio’s least creative game with at least a jujjier title.) “Tomorrow morning when you wake up…” As long as you wake up at 8.40 presumably? Station sound’s not helped (once, depressingly, again) by paint-by-numbers com-prod.

And how bizarre to make your primary positioner about the least-protectable part of your activity. ‘The Difference is the Music’?  Lincs FM’s continuing magnificence – record reach right now – is its local connection with its audience.

Helped by great little events like the Lisa gig .. and the fact their FM signal is so strong it can probably be heard on the moon.

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