North Norfolk Digital has a new Listen Live app. We listened in to its star Mid Morning Matters presenter, Alan Partridge.

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WHO  Alan Partridge

WHAT   North Norfolk Digital

WHEN  Wednesday 14 August 2013


ID: North Norfolk … Digital (acapella)

ALAN: Riffs on Wuthering Heights Lyrics with Tommy Gaskell, who’s ex-special forces. “So you were in Afghanistan on holiday with some mates?,” asks Alan. “No, the forces,” replies his guest. “Which force, Parcelforce?” asks Sidekick Simon. Alan tries to get his guest to open up about his war experiences but he only wants to talk about outdoor survival techniques. Alan puts forward a survival scenario about the RSPB taking over Cheddar Gorge in a terrorist attack. “The last Osprey egg is scrambled for Russian oligarchs … and Bill Oddie goes apeshit … Wasn’t he once one of the goodies? Yeah, but now he’s a baddie!”

SONG: Cardiac Arrest/Madness

SONG: Duel/Propoganda

ALAN: The discussion continues cleverly on the back of the song. The survival expert recaps the special forces scenario and describes in detail a particular attack style in which their throats were cut. “If you get it right, the neck opens up like a Muppet’s mouth” “Oh my god”, says Alan. “It’s very bloody but its quick and it’s quiet.” Simon and Alan are struck dumb. “Any questions?” asks the expert. “Which muppet?” wonders Simon.

SONG: In Too Deep/Belinda Carlisle

SONG: Dance With Me/Tin Tin Out

ALAN: “You rejoin us on Mid Morning Matters, Tommy Gaskell survival expert still with us, and on line 2 we have Sophie. Sophie, what’s your tongue twister?” “Did that man hurt the muppets?,” asks the child caller. “No love he didn’t hurt any muppets, he simply dispatched some terrorists from a radicalised RSPB in Wookey Hole. It was simply when he slit the throats of the bad people they resembled the mouths of muppets.” Alan goes on to explain the nature of war with Sophie before saying goodbye to Tommy, “the first person we’ve had on North Norfolk Digital who’s killed someone (perfect pause) … deliberately. We all know about Simon Pickering from travel who reversed over a nurse. But that was an accident.”

SONG: Dare Me/Pointer Sisters


This is a very clever app. Alan’s Mid Morning Matters has been re-cut and wraps around a random (or is it?) selection of your own tunes. The only annoyance is that these are left to the very end of the fade – the only thing that really detracts from the radio-alike nature of the experience.

The app’s been improved since launch and is now more stable. The clips are now better ordered and it’s less likely to crash if you have a big music library. He didn’t do it during our Listen In but Alan can apparently introduce/back anno particular artists; “Keep your clubs away from his young, it’s Seal”

Of course, being your own, the music is excellent. It certainly has a knack of digging around in your iTunes library for the Guilty-ish Pleasures which kind of fit the 100W-esque 106-108FM station you expect North Norfolk Digital to be.

Radio Alan: The Alan Partridge Player was conceived by Brighton-based app development studio Touch Fantastic and developed in collaboration with Baby Cow Productions and BBC Worldwide.

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