Uncomfortably the most talked-about radio station in the world this week, is it business as usual at 2-Day FM?

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WHO Dan ‘Mandy’ Cassin
WHAT 2day FM Sydney
WHEN Wednesday 12 December

Logo for Sydney's 2Day FM

0918 ID: Sydney’s Number 1 Hit Music Station, 2Day FM

Guy Sebastian/Battle Scars

0922 Quick cut-down phone chat with former Australian Idol winner Guy reacting to being voted No1 in 2-Day FM Top 50 of 2012. “From one aussie idol star to another …”

0923 Burn It Down/Ricki Lee

0927 ID: 1041 2Day Fm
David Guetta & Kid Cudi/Memories

0931 “This is your girl Rihanna. Only one station plays all the hits,” before, conveniently, it plays hers.

0934 ID: 1041 2-DayFM
Far East Movement/Turn Up the Love

0937 Beautifully-executed crunch and roll birthday dedication with a listener on the phone, told he’ll hear his song “in twelve minutes time.”

Labrinth/Beneath Your Beautiful


Whatever you do in radio, this week’s story will have made you think. Echoes of Brand/Ross for BBC types. Where in the compliance chain did this go awry? If you’re a PD, would you have run it? And if you’ve ever been on the sharp end of some social media heat from a listener, imagining how for Michael Christian and Mel Greig, the nightmare continues.

Long after Jacintha Saldanha becomes one of those historical radio footnotes – like Gillian Duffy, Pierre Brassard or Greg Cordell – songs will still be played and gags will still be heard on 2Day FM. Cheeky headlines will dominate their website like ‘Sophie Monk makes Benji Madden Blush Talking about His Penis’, ‘Jackie’s Pap Smear’ and ‘OMG Dog Learns to Drive’.

It’s the kind of radio station where everything seems to endwith a string of exclamation marks!!! Or the annoying friend who adds LOL to the end of every sentence. Probably why it’s very successful.

From this twenty-minute sample, the station is playing it safe. There were no commercial messages in this segment, and only two presenter appearances, both slick and over music. Dan’s a bit squeaky but is slick and up.

An old boss of mine used to say it’s only radio, nobody dies. Tragically, on this occasion, somebody did. I guess it is unreasonable to assume there is any way those terrible circumstances could have been predicted.

But anyone who still thinks hoax calls still have currency will have to be very careful, very brave – or very stupid – to air them in the future.

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